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Welcome to flooble.com's Pad weblet, a free service that lets you make the web your own notepad by placing a few lines of HTML into any web page. Because flooble Pad is accessible from any computer with an internet connection and a modern browser, you can access it when you're at home, office or on the go. Use it to jot down links, dates, phone numbers, or to easily cut and paste information from one computer to another.

Flooble Pad gives you two notepads to use: a plain one that is accessible to anyone, and a secure one, protected by a password for your privacy, so others can't tamper with your information. Try using the Pad on the right. It's really easy and intuitive. (The password for the secure pad is "flooble".) For a detailed explanation on how to use flooble Pad, go here.

You can use flooble Pad by embedding it into any HTML page with a <script> tag, or use it as a standalone script (not very pretty for now). If embedded, flooble Pad will require at least a fourth-generation browser to work with, because earlier versions do not support remote scripts. You will also need cookies enabled to fully utilize the Pad's functionality. (If cookies are turned off, you will only be able to use the plain pad, but won't be able to login to use the secure one.)

Well, now that you know what flooble Pad is, go on and sign up to get yours free!


Mar 03, 2002: Finally created a tool to modify the size of a pad. (Have your password handy).

Aug 02, 2001: Made pad available under the GPL. Get it here.

Jan 19, 2001: All the javascript borwser security issues seem to have been resolved. Looks like Pad now works on both IE and Netscape.

Jan 13, 2001: Put the Pad scripts up, created the home page.

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