Project Genesis
Internal Corporate Correspondence

This was originally written in Russian by Yuriy Nesterenko.

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To: General Director Jehovah
From: Lucifer, Head of System Technology Department

> Lucifer, either make it all work or you will
> be demoted and transferred to a different post.

How is it my fault, if I didn't get a proper spec?

Anyway... The axis will have to stay angled as it is. The garden of Eden at least, will get +24C, but if the user goes wandering around elswhere, that's his problem. Doesn't look like we'll be able to finish the dinosaurs, but at least the horses will definitely be done. Milk and Honey are out, we made the rivers run with water, although it's bringing salt out into the oceans and seas. We had to introduce some Predators to keep the Herbivores from eating up all the vegetation again. However, we didn't have time to set the predators up to distinguish the users from their prey.

In short, it will all probably work out.

Let it be so.
-- Jehovah


The head of System Technology Department, Lucifer, was in the end demoted and transferred, as punishment for unsanctioned assistance lent to the user in the usability testing phase of project Genesis.

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