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"Whose Line Is It Anyway?", is a hit improvisational show currently on Thursday Nights on ABC. The show is hosted by Drew Carey, and as it progresses he awards points to participants.

It is a little known fact that at the end of every show, the players give these points away to the studio audience present at the show's taping. While most viewers just take these points home with them and toss them in a corner somwhere, a large number of starting comedians needs these points very badly to boost their self esteem.

If you have any "Whose Line..." Points available at home, or know somebody who does, please consider donating them to this good cause.

Note: we are currently not able to accept donations of points originally awarded to Colin Mochrie due to some taxation issues with Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do these points ever expire?
    No. "Whose Line..." points do not have an expiration date. We accept any donations of points, no matter how old.

  • Can I donate points from a re-run?
    Unfortunately we cannot accept re-run points. To avoid the risk of having the same points donated more than once, we insist on all points being from the original air date. (Besides, the only legitimate way to get these points is by being in the live audience in the first place.)

  • Can I donate points from the English version of the show?
    Yes! In fact these points are worth approximately 1.7 times more than the points from the ABC program!

  • When will I be able to donate my "Colin" points?
    We currently have a representative talking with the Canadian government trying to arrange a tax exempt status for these points, and hope to be able to accept these very soon!

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