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Welcome to flooble's web scripts section. Here you will find javascript resources that you can freely use on your pages. While there are a lot of free javascript pages out on the web, we have tried to ensure that the scripts you will find here are all useful, unique and compatible with all of today's browsers. If you have any ideas or suggestions, make sure to drop by flooble :: forum and let us know.

The flooble Dynamic Calendar control is a DHTML script you can drop into an existing HTML form to allow visitors to point and click to a date, rather than typing it in using 3 separate form elements or forcing them to conform to a date format. And because it's DHTML-based, it provides the speed and usability of a client-side program right in your visitors' browser. Just like all the other flooble scripts, this one integrates easily into your code, works with major browsers and is free to use!

This free script lets you replace the standard HTML <SELECT> control with a Menu that allows unlimited Sub-Menus containing additional options. Let your visitors drill down to the option they want instead of scrolling throgh an endless list of options. Use it to allow quick category selection, or to navigate any other information arranged in a hierarchy!

Add a floating sidebar menu to your page to allow your visitors instant access to important links no matter how far down they scroll! The menu hovers as a small vertical tab on the left edge of the page, always re-positioning itself at the top of the user's browser window. The user clicks the tab to open the menu - clicks it again to collapse it, so that it doesn't take up a lot of screen real estate. As our other scripts, it's customizable, free and cross-browser compatible!

If you have forms that require visitors to enter a color using a name or code, this is the scrpt for you. Allow your visitors to easily pick a color using this simple point and click color picker with a color indicator square - your users will be able to click a color to chose it, and be visually shown the color they have entered or chosen. Color Picker easily integrates into your existing form or Javascript, and you can chose how much control to give the visitor - from the ability to enter their own color, to completely hiding the existence of a form field from them! It works in the latest versions of IE and Netscape and is completely free.

Add proffessional looking dynamic pop-up notes to your page. In the age of the internet, are you still relying on footnotes to provide extra information? Post 'Ems will instantaneoulsy open right in the page, where your visitor will have ready access to them, without losing their place. And they're free, of course!

Peeptin is our second mini-game. Still only 130 pixels wide, the object of this one is arranging jimbled up numbers from 1 to 15 in their proper order. This challenging classic puzzle game can be on your page in just seconds with simple cut'n'paste of the code we provide!

Toggler is a tiny javascript puzzle game that you can put into the sidebar of your page, since it's only 130 pixels wide. Amuse your visitors by offering them a truly interactive game that requires no plugins or special downloads to play. It will make your page look more "alive".

Is your page getting crammed? Now you can utilize screen space more efficiently by putting some of your content into these expandable/collapsable boxes. Only the header is visible, until your visitor clicks the [+] button in the corner. The box expands showing its contents. Your visitor can then click [-] to collapse it again. Use our generator to make boxes that fit the color and style of your page.

Need to call your visitors' attention to some piece of text? Bold text is ok, but it doesn't always cut it. Everyone knows that motion attracts attention. But the dreaded blink tag is a web taboo (and for good reasons.) Introducing flooble's Animated Text script: it will let you animate segmets of text, like this one, quickly and easily. Attact attention without scaring anyone off.

Our hosted scripts
Also check out these free javascript services that you can get. They are hosted on our server, but displayed on your page :
  • flooble Chatterbox
    Put a free chatterbox on your page. Your visitors will be able to leave you and each other short messages, stimulating return visits. And it's really easy to use: just paste the code into your page/blog, and you're good to go!

  • flooble Pad
    Add a little notepad to any web page. flooble Pad turns your page into a place you can quickly jot down notes to yourself and others. Write down URLs, phone numbers, email addressses. Click "Save", and the information will be there next time you visit - even if it's from a different computer. It even features a password-protected area.

  • Perplexus Puzzle of the Day
    treat your visitors to a daily puzzle from the archives of flooble :: Perplexus. There's no signup required - just paste some code onto your page, and every day it will show a different puzzle from our collection of hundreds of the web's most interesting brainteasers riddles and tricks.

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