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Sagittarius (Archer)
Born November 22 - December 21
Usually a Sagittarius will come off as a blissfully happy idiot. In most cases, this first impression will prove accurate. His moronic enthusiasm cannot be dampened by anything - not even by a cinder block falling on his head.

After talking to a Sagittarius for five minutes, you will want to kill him quickly but painfully.

From the early age, a Sagittarius will have developed the infuriating habit of forcing his stupid ideas and his company onto anyone who might so much as walk by.

An aggressive optimist, a Sagittarius will require a lot of work in a relationship.

He usually makes a habit of inventing stories and lying outright, which he rationalizes by what he thinks are good intentions.

A Sagittarius usually loves crouds and loud social situations, as well as any place where he can enjoy a meal and a drink without paying for them.

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